Pastor Jobson ministers in an
area known as the 'Upcountry'.
The upcountry is located outside
of Nairobi in the mountainous
region. It is one of the most
beautiful places we have ever
visited! Farms are placed at the
mountaintop with tiered farming
plots below. Here they grow
coffee, tea, and bananas.
Most travel is by foot through small winding
trails along the mountain.

Families dwell in homes made of mud
bricks. Pastor Jobson's kitchen is shown
While in Kenya, we visited many, many churches, ministering with many pastors. But none impressed us as much as Jobson. He has a
true passion for God; a deep abiding faith; and a true love and concern for the people of the Upcountry.

During one of the services that we attended, when he began to pray it was as if the mountains shook. As he cried out, the presence of
God entered that tiny church. Within minutes, the congregation and we were joining him in travail. It was truly one of the most powerful
prayer times we have ever experienced.

The people in the Upcountry are very poor, which was evident when the offering was taken. There were many bunches of bananas
placed in the basket. They give all they have, but it is just not enough for the challenges Jobson places in his ministry, as he is as poor
as the rest of them.  So you can imagine our surprise when he gave us the equivalent of $25 to sow into our ministry. We knew what a
sacrifice this was for him. He truly gave us all he had, asking for nothing in return. So since beginning Huruma Ministries we have been
sowing into his ministry.
and his ministry in the Upcountry
We continue to work with
Pastor Jobson
Kiangwachi (Sweet Potato) Church
located in the Upcountry