Ministry Album
Some of our Recent Projects!
Providing monthly food, rent, and
medical care for orphans and
widows in the Kibera Slums
Providing  meals and
outreach feedings
in the Kibera Slums
Providing  mattresses, blankets,
clothing, and supplies
after fire in the Kibera Slums
Providing supplies for new small
business starts and re-starts
after fire
Providing Bibles and teaching
supplies to churches
Providing sound equipment
and instruments for church
services and crusades
Providing funds for pastoral car and
building improvements including additions, electricity,
We have also been able to assist in  paying off
church mortgages and buying additonal property
In 2015 we returned to Kenya taking a mission
team along with us. We had the opportunity to visit
where we had been ministering for the past 5 years
and to visit and minister in many new places!